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Reply Priyankayou are eligible for cpf as you belongs to obc will get age relaxation of 3 yrsarsh i am getting around a total of 140/300ThanksJoy Roy guys is this is the right answer key that has been uploaded here i dnt thnk it to be the right answer keys hello sir I am getting 77 marks according to The Cavalier ANSWER SHEET&&kya koi ummed hai OTA me durr durr tak Abhinav Kathuria can any one tell me& cut-off decides call for ssb or preference filled? for example i hv filled ima as my first preference and clear the cutoff for ota& will i get a call for ota ssb or not? the main problem i am facing is i want to fill ota as my first preference but i am not sure of it&&& Prashant Kumar on upsc website question papers of cdse 1 2013 are not published&Can anyone provide me them&Please analyze previously held exams cutoff and provide us with the expected cutoff , so that we can plan for the exam accordinglyEveryone appeared for the exam are interested to know the cutoff marks ofUPSC CDS 1 Exam 2015 examReply rajnishCan anyone tell me, if anyone is not comfortable in speaking English as much as in Hindi then he/she can speak in Hindi while group discussion???? If reply asap And thanx in advance&Reply RaviCan you please help me to find out the max mark allotted for ssb?Like SSBCrack On Facebook: SSBCrack Reply sharathbro my reg is in all the lists(IMA,NAVY,OTA) am i going to get all the call letters to attend all three SSB or else, only one which is of my top preference? please do reply

what are my chances ??? sahil sharma what will be the cut off for AFA dev singh ALL PLZ UPDATE YOUR MARKS NOT THE NOReply AnandI cleared the written for C D S 2 2013 and want to know when do we generally come to know about our SSB venue and interview dates ????? so if any one knows please let me know&Eng 72& maths 36 &GK- 12&is there any chance for me to get an ssb call&.plz rply fast& sumit pratap singh 110 marks in maths and english& anurag sir i have got 58 in english and 29 in gk, in total the score is 87Vaibhav Rode my total off all 3 subjects is 119.03 is there any chance for IMAby .83 and .27 calculation for gk and english and by 1 and .33 for mathspls rply Subhankar Roy can u send me the CDS13 question paper please&&& ayush i am getting 120 marks &Reply souravcds meh group dicussion english meh necessary hai kya plz

Reply rajnishCan anyone tell me about disqualification on 1st day of interview in SSB????? They select for next round depend upon Ur written(300)+1st days interview round marks or they consider only 1day performance ??? Reply SreeThey have a defined frame(as in photo frame), if you fit in that frame correctly you are inThose candidates who get shortlisted through this examination then had appeared for SSB InterviewReply abhiPlease can anyone tell me what is sectional cut off?Reply rahulwhat is the process to calculate marks in cdsUPSC CDS 1 Exam Selection Process :Reply VinuthCleared CDS but not feeling like cleared because of SSBTenders Annual Reports Single Window System Court Judgments Green Initiatives swach bharat Archives pradeep G hi guys i have got 82 in cdse 1 2014&&so is there any chance of my selection,,,??? anshul singh can i give cdse exam in b-tech 4th year Sponsors Sponsors Sponsors Sponsors Subscribe To YouTube BEST PSYCHOLOGY BOOK T-Shirts Join Online Courses Don't miss any SSB Interview ? Get SSB Dates and Notification In your Inbox ! Join Over 2,00,000+ Aspirants About Us A special blog for Indian defence aspirants which helps them to prepare for SSB Interview, NDA, CDSE , AFCAT, Territorial Army and many more bcfaf6891f
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